22nd. September Tuesday – In Leon – Location FabLab


MULTIPLIER EVENTS- The good Nutrients for schools

Detailed program

TUESDAY-22/09/2020 Place: FABLAB LEÓN

Address: Av. San Ignacio de Loyola, 177, 24191 San Andrés del Rabanedo, León

Topic: Peer education and solidarity -models of inclusion in STEAM activities

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Time Target group Workshop 1
Max: 10 children
Workshop 2
Max: 10 children
10-11:30 infant and primary school pupils Energetic robots
(10 children)
Let’s trigger creativity in everyday classroom
(10 children)
11:30-13:00 infant and primary school pupils Playing and exploring Mars (25 children) Energetic robots
(10 children)


Outputs linked to the workshops:

Botstem O1: Toolkit for early STEM education by means of robotics and coding




5Time Target group Workshop 1
Max: 15 participants
16-18:30 Teachers and education students Robotics vs Bullying- Strategies for primary schools


Outputs linked to the workshop:

Botstem O2: Virtual Learning Environment) aimed at teachers on STEM



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