botSTEM posters presented at ESERA Conference

ESERA (European Science Education Research Association) might be the most significant conference concerning science education worldwide. This year the conference took place in Bologna, Italy, in August on the theme “The beauty and pleasure of understanding: with contemporary challenges through science education”. botSTEM was presented in three posters, representing different topics from the project. One poster, presenting the overall aim and arrangement of botSTEM, was exposed during the whole conference in a section called the EU-corner. Two other posters, presenting experiences and results from the botSTEM activities taking place in Spain and Sweden, were presented at a poster session.

Participants listened to Andreas Redfors and Björn Cronquist describing “A climbing experience”, where children and teacher in a preschool in Sweden made use of scientific concepts when they reflected about Bluebots going up a slope.

In addition, they presented “Robotics and STEM education for 4-8 year old children in Spanish pre- and primary schools”, where teachers’ reflections and children’s learning about magnets were in focus.

The results from both posters indicate children’s enhanced reasoning about the science topic in focus, showing the potential of the botSTEM activities in early-years STEM and robotics education.


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