An Online Community of Practice

One of the aims of BOTSTEM is to create an online community of practice for teachers interested in implementing STEM activities in their teaching. The platform is based on the leading Virtual Learning Environment Moodle which offers tools for the creation and dissemination of interactive activities and social inclusion, using forums, chatrooms and even…Continúa leyendo An Online Community of Practice

Verona Botstem Multiplier event

On 30th. of March 2019 in and extraordinary international multiplier event of project took place Video of the morning conference Opening event – Main Hall Moderator: Prof Donato de Silvestri Opening by the songwriter/singer Veronica Marchi Authorities: Dr. Augusta Celada – Director of Veneto Regional Educational Department Dr. Albino Barresi – Director of Verona…Continúa leyendo Verona Botstem Multiplier event

Girls into science

The Association for Science Education provides us with a series of articles addressing the issue of girls into science. This web-link gives us access to an inspiring and neatly packaged collection of articles on «girls inspiring girls» Titles like e.g «We still need more girls in science» , «Brilliant Women:  Pioneers of Science and Technology»…Continúa leyendo Girls into science

Teacher training students design of STEM activities

Primary / pre-school teacher students working with the design of STEM activities combining technology and digital competence at Kristianstad University. In order for pupils to develop insights regarding the “invisible technology in every-day life”, teacher students develop challenges for the pupils. The themes demonstrated in the images is; «My way to the school». The technology…Continúa leyendo Teacher training students design of STEM activities

Robotics for inclusion

“What the students desire the most is to have value, to belong to their class, to give their contribution” (R. Dreikurs)      The students with difficulties or special needs are part of the class and have the same desire as their peers. The technology can be a mean through which to give equality and dignity…Continúa leyendo Robotics for inclusion