Our partner Kveloce I+D+i is conducting the baseline for evaluating the social impact assessment in the BOSTSTEM project.

This evaluation aims at enlightening is our project can change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of the whole education community and, at some extent, to change the subjacent systemic conditions (policies, regional or national curricula and so on). In addition, the SIA should analyse if BOTSTEM could contribute to a change as regards of the pedagogical trends in the long term and discuss the transferability of the model to the EU and LMIC countries.

To sum up, the baseline evaluation is aligned with the following questions:

  1. Which is the self-concept of teachers as regards their own STEM Literacy?

  2. How they perceive their education (formal, non-formal and informal, so, past and future education and long-life training)?

  3. Which is the perception and opinion about the early STEM Education, so in Childhood and Primary Education Stages?

  4. Do gender and social determinants currently exist in these stages (formal education and hidden curricula)?

  5. What is the opinion and perception on the use of robots and coding in Childhood and Primary education held by the education professionals?

Teachers interviewed shown a very enthusiastic attitude as regards the implementation of new technologies in early stages; specifically, robots and coding. Some of them highlighted the potential long-term impact and outcomes in terms of labour inclusion and new Jobs and necessities within the labour market. However, the lack of sufficient training in technologies and the lack of STEM-specific subjects during the formal in Spain seems to be a significant barrier; another barrier is the age range of the staff, as noticed in Primary Education. Teachers did not perceive significant gender differences in regards the reception of STEM contents and the use of technologies in the classroom.

Our baseline evaluation continues: if you wanna take part and you are available for being interviewed, please, contact us at bvallina [at] kveloce [dot] com. We can conduct interviews in English and Spanish.

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