botSTEM appears in the news of HKR University – Text in Swedish and photos: Fabian Rimfors
How can robots help children learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)? The European ERASMUS+ project has set out to find out. Robotics and programming are now part of the Swedish curricula, and the consortium are collecting and developing concrete examples of how robots are used in teaching.
A year ago, there was a start-up meeting in Burgos, Spain where the botSTEM project is coordinated from. Now it’s time to meet again, for the second time, and it is done in Kristianstad. Representatives from Spain, Cyprus and Italy meet their Swedish colleagues Andreas Redfors, Björn Cronquist and Marie Fridberg.
The participants from four countries at the International Coordination Meeting in Kristianstad.
“Today we have talked about how we should involve more teachers in the project the content of our “toolbox”. We call it an “intellectual toolkit” and it will be used as a tool in education to teach children between the ages of four and eight years, says Ileana Greca from Burgos.
In Sweden so-called Bluebots have been used in preschools to.
“One child once said,” I would like to go into his brain to see how he thinks. –But, you are programming him. –Then I’m his brain! ” Andreas Redfors explains as he illustrates a teaching situation with Blue-bots from preschool.
In March next year, the group will meet next time, during a large “multiplying event” with Italian teachers in Verona.

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