The BotSTEM partners have created a new game called THE BOTSTEM GAME in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Swedish, Greek and Italian) for teachers to facilitate the introduction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) , robotics and programming disciplines in the classrooms in a fun way.

To get the best of the game, teachers should first spend some time in class discussing with students what and how scientists and engineers do and also basics ideas about robotics and programming (teachers can find information about this matter in the Toolkits uploaded in Once this step is fulfilled, you can start to play with your students!

How to play:

  • Ask your students to select a language

  • Ask your students to select a favorite character

  • Press Start Game!

  • Now you will find blocks of 5 questions.

  • If the students answer 5 questions of a block correctly they will win a prize! It will appear in the class table. There are 5 prizes to win.

  • If they don’t answer a question correctly they won’t get the prize, but you may encourage them to try again as they will have another opportunity. At this point, you can discuss with the students why the chosen answer is wrong and which is the right answer. Spend as long as you consider talking with them about the specific matter.

  • Note that when the students answer a question, the correct question or the wrong question the answers have different colors to differentiate them easily. Questions are random so they never follow the same sequence. Encourage your students to be ready to come across different questions or the same question twice to check your knowledge.

  • The character speaks in 5 languages but if you don’t want to have the voice on, please switch if off in your computer.

Once they get all the questions and played several times they have acquired good knowledge about STEM theoretical framework, programming and robotics!

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