Training for teachers and workshops for children in Italy

In the frame of the botSTEM project, Polo Europeo della Conoscenza is organizing training courses for teachers and educational workshops in pre- and primary schools. The two training courses for the teachers organized in Verona focus on different topics: robotics versus bullying and creative mathematics.

The training course about educational robotics is aimed at providing teachers with educational tools that combine STEM teaching with the development of prosocial skills, teamwork and problem-solving abilities. During the training, the teachers are also introduced to the use of the virtual learning space. The course started in November and with 7 monthly lessons will continue until May involving about 400 participants among teachers, educators and school directors.
The second training has started in December and involves about 200 participants in 3 lessons. The course is about an engaging and innovative way to teach Maths using real-life situations and objects.

A third training course will be organized with the collaboration of Clementoni ltd. in Recanati. The course will be an introduction to the use of educational robotics according to a multidisciplinary approach to STEM teaching.

The members of Polo Europeo della Conoscenza are also working inside 3 pre- and primary schools with workshops for the children about robotics. The first group of activities has started in Milan in October involving all the classes of a school for a total of 170 children. From January 2020 the experts from Polo Europeo della Conoscenza will start a series of 8 workshops in the schools of Montelupone and Porto Potenza Picena, in Marche region.


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