Webinars on Programming and Robotics

In October and November, prior to the European Coding Week and the European Robotics Week respectively, two webinars were organized through the VLE platform (https://www.botstem.org) in order to familiarize teachers with the EU Commission supported events. In both cases, a live webcast was prepared using YouTube Live, and it was promoted weeks before by the BotSTEM partners in their countries.


Webinars were contacted in English since teachers from various countries participated. The webinar was structured in such a way as to help teachers learn about the events, how to participate, what type of activities they can organize, how to use the appropriate websites set by the EU volunteers, and how to apply for funding for these events.

Each webinar lasted for an hour, and participating teachers could express questions using their microphones or by text messages. At the end of the webinars, a video from YouTube was posted as a link in the VLE (BotSTEM Webinars page) for future viewing. The same page is populated with the material, including important web sites such as code.org as well as the presentation files used.

All material is open for all visitors to the VLE, and continuous support is offered by members of the BotSTEM project for implementing coding and robotics activities.

Webinars are expected to resume at the end of January.

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