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Erasmus+ KA 201 BOTSTEM Online Multiplier event


21 st. September Monday – 15.30 CET Time – Swati Vats Popat (India) – Stem and divergent Minds – Related outputs: Botstem O1: Toolkit for early STEM education by means of robotics and coding

Dr. Swati Popat Vats has been assiduous in making sweeping changes in pre-primary education in India and is the founder President of Early Childhood Association India, an association that works for quality care and education of our youngest citizens (0 to 6 years). She has received many accolades and awards for her contribution to Early Childhood Education. Swati has authored many books for parents and children and is a strong advocate of nature-based learning in the early years and promotes brain research-based teaching and parenting in her workshops across the globe.

22 nd. September Tuesday – 17.00 CET Time -Freddy Lavjardi & Daniel Frank (USA): “Why The World Needs More Women Engineers”- Related outputs: Botstem O1: Toolkit for early STEM education by means of robotics and coding

Fredi Lavjardi is an USA science teacher that captivated the country when he led his team of disadvantaged teenagers in a university-level underwater robotics competition, where they defeated leading schools, including top-ranked MIT. Their story inspired the acclaimed documentary Underwater Dreams, adapted into the major motion picture, Spare Parts. Honored with numerous awards for his spirited passion for teaching, Fredi continues to serve as a prominent advocate about the importance of STEM education and offers valuable and inspiring insight on fostering teamwork, sparking creativity and helping individuals realize and maximize their potential.


23th September Wednesday – 16.00 CET Time Alexandros Kofteros (Cyprus) “How to organise Robotics and Coding Events during Covid19” – Related outputs: Botstem O1: Toolkit for early STEM education by means of robotics and coding

Alexandros Kofteros is a Primary School teacher in Nicosia, Cyprus. He is Cofounder of the Cyprus Computer History Museum and Heron/ research organization and has more than 15 national and international educational awards, including Best Practices, Innovative Practice. Research interests include one to one computing, parental involvement and online learning platforms in Primary Education.

24th. September Thursday 17.00 CET Time –Marta Romero Ariza (Spain). “Teachers and Stem” – Related outputs: Bostem O2: Virtual Learning Environment) aimed at teachers on STEM subjects for childhood and primary education

Dr. Marta Romero Ariza is an Associate Professor at the Department of Didactics of Sciences in the University of Jaén, especially interested in research about sustainable development, education and how to enhance science learning using innovative approaches and technological resources. She has been actively engaged in several international projects such as COMPASS, PRIMAS, mascil and PARRISE among others, in the latter, as the leader of the Spanish team

25th. September  Friday  17.00 CET Time – Stefano Cobello (Italy). Robotics beyond STEM – preventing bullying through the use of robots
Dr. Stefano Cobello is the coordinator of the Italian National Network of Educational Institutions Polo Europeo della Conoscenza, He is the founder of the world network Nobody Less

Translation from English into Spain will be available.

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