Microplastics: small but deadly

This is a practical activity that introduces students to microplastics, tiny plastic particles, and their impact on the marine environment. Attachments Good practices – Microplastics (420 kB) Post Views: 5.409

Bluebots on math and ABC-rugs

The school subjects involved in this activity are Mathematics and language but also social aspects of the preschool curriculum, through group activities and collaboration. Attachments Good practices – Bluebot_Maths (468 kB) Post Views: 6.162

Building with stones

This activity should lead children to have other perspective of their home by apprehending it as a technical object. For it, different activities will lead them to familiarize with materials and construction processes. Attachments Good practices – Building with stones (375 kB) Post Views: 5.799

Joint through technology

The project “Joint Through Technology” was funded from Google RISE Awards after a successful proposal by mathisis.org team. The aim of the project was to bring together kids from 5-15 and trainers from both larger communities in Cyprus, Greek and Turkish, while learning robotics and programming. Attachments Good practices – Joint through technology (534 kB)…Continúa leyendo Joint through technology

The sounds

In this activity the children write a play and musicalize it by creating musical ambiances with various sound bodies. Attachments Good practices – The sounds (400 kB) Post Views: 5.762

The vegetal biodiversity

In this activity the students observe trees in a forest to make sketches and then visit a botany garden for making a digital herbarium. Attachments Good practices – The vegetal biodiversity (459 kB) Post Views: 5.490

Learn Coding – Be a superhero

This activity will promote coding skills and cultivate critical and creative thinking through coding activities. Attachments Good practices – Be a superhero (683 kB) Post Views: 5.291

Beat the Flood

This challenge is designed to help pupils tackle a pressing global issue from a variety of perspectives. Attachments Good practices – Beat the flood (377 kB) Post Views: 5.639

Tomates aplastados

Esta actividad está diseñada para hacer que los niños piensen sobre cómo funciona la gravedad y, en particular, sobre cómo se puede usar para transportar alimentos.   Attachments Good practices – Squashed tomatoes (471 kB) Post Views: 4.935

Visualizador de talento

Objetivo educativo: Romper los estereotipos de género sobre la ciencia y la tecnología y motivar a los estudiantes a desarrollar sus habilidades individuales en lugar de los que se ajustan a los estereotipos de género. Attachments Good Practices – Talent viewer (362 kB) Post Views: 5.506


El entorno rural es un lugar ideal para el desarrollo de actividades STEAM, ya que posee recursos naturales, patrimoniales y sociales únicos y de fácil acceso. Attachments Good practices – Crystallography (496 kB) Post Views: 5.129

Una gruta misteriosa

Los estudiantes descubren las máquinas simples y experimentan con la aplicación y la utilidad del plano inclinado para construir caminos.   Attachments Good practices – A mysterious grot (539 kB) Post Views: 5.729