Video Italian Multiplier event


On 30th. of March 2019 an extraordinary international multiplier event of project

Video of the morning conference

Opening event – Main Hall

Moderator: Prof Donato de Silvestri

Opening by the songwriter/singer Veronica Marchi


  • Dr. Augusta Celada – Director of Veneto Regional Educational Department
  • Dr. Albino Barresi – Director of Verona Provincial Educational Department
  • Director Alessio Perpolli – Responsible of Polo Europeo della Conoscenza Network
  • Pierpaolo Clementoni – Clementoni S.P.A.

Welcome from the regional and provincial director  Opening Speeches authorities


Erasmus+  Project’s Presentation – : BotStem  

roBOTics and STEM education for children and primary schools – Dr. Ileana Ma. Greca – Burgos University . Spain


Prof. Stefano Cobello – European Pole Of knowledge Network coordinator – BotStem Italian partner

Italian experience in BotStem Project and meaning for the school’s teacher of an innovative approach to STEM Education


Prof. Caloi Serafino MATHS LIKE A DREAM .

How creativity and love for STEM enter in pupils’ dreams ( BotStem)

Prof. Caloi demostrates how pupils can easily learn STEM Education with a different approach and methodology. Activities included in BotStem toolkit


Prof. Ernesto Burgio – ECERI European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (Bruxelles) – 

The digital world and the risks of children’s brain involution- How to prevent disorders


Prof.ssa Daniela Lucangeli – Università di Padova –

Let’s change the educational models and the teachers approaching didactic to avoids the cognitive gavage and performance anxiety


Prof. Franco Nembrini 

School and Math like One of the many Dante’s Divine Comedies

An innovative approach to STEM Education


Raissa Pscenicnikova – Siberia (Russia)

The geometry of cosmos for the human evolution and development of spiritual consciousness



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