This document contains a description and list of good practices that have been found. It is a Document of Work (DoW) that is jointly developed and shared, and it will be continuously revised by the Project Coordinator and the consortium. Partners have analysed and continue to follow the development of curricula in partner countries and this together with a common framework for collaborative inquiry-based learning, gender perspectives for children, is the basis of the search and comparative analysis of good practices. All partners have looked for successful practices at European-scale in fostering scientific and technological vocations, paying special attention to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and gender perspectives. Robotics in childhood education is not extensive in Europe, especially robotics connected to several or all subjects in STEM.
Partners have interviewed three experts or expert teachers per partner-country to help the assessment process and selection of the best practices assessment. Preliminary teaching sequences for childhood education will be developed and this DoW defines the topics and structure of the interactive Toolkit that responds to cross-curricular activities.

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