BOTSTEM _ Quality Management Evaluation

This deliverable describes the Quality Plan and Evaluation of the project BOTSTEM In a highly specialized and technologized world, critical and competent citizenship in science and technology is more needed than ever. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) could be addressed since early childhood promoting an active and participative methodology, focused on inquiry-based learning and…Continue reading BOTSTEM _ Quality Management Evaluation

O 2 final report BOTSTEM IO2v5

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS) are online platforms developed to support distance learning using the internet and internet connected devices. VLE platforms have been in use for more than two decades to support remote learning. Various VLE platforms are in use today, including Moodle, an open-source system that is…Continue reading O 2 final report BOTSTEM IO2v5


STEM programmes are receiving increasing attention since they are considered efficient for developing scientific literacy for citizens and for increasing the number of young people choosing to study scientific-technological disciplines at the end of their compulsory schooling and choose scientific vocations (EU 2015). Decision-makers are becoming interested in incorporating STEM approaches informal education, also for…Continue reading O3A1_report


This document contains a description and list of good practices that have been found. It is a Document of Work (DoW) that is jointly developed and shared, and it will be continuously revised by the Project Coordinator and the consortium. Partners have analysed and continue to follow the development of curricula in partner countries and…Continue reading FINAL BOTSTEM_O1A1_report

BOTSTEM_Final Communication and dissemination report

The dissemination and communication report is based on the activities undertaken by the partners during the whole “BOTSTEM – roBOTics and STEM education for children and primary schools” project implementation. This analysis covers a qualitative and quantitative perspective of the data. The quantitative data are determined by the number of activities, the geographical impact and…Continue reading BOTSTEM_Final Communication and dissemination report


The botSTEM project aims to develop new tools by means of inquiry teaching, open robotics and code-learning for enhancing current didactics of STEM subjects in the early education (4-7 years old children). botSTEM is aimed and fully in-line with the formal education curricula and its purposes for childhood and primary schools. This Exploitation report is…Continue reading EXPLOITATION PLAN REPORT