The colours

In Kindergarten, colour work is part of a larger study of light and its effects on the surfaces or materials it enlightens and it is a special theme for linking arts education and science education. Attachments Good practices – The colours (358 kB) Post Views: 5,765

Vibrating sound and music!

Where does the music come from? We will become great Luthiers to explain, with the help of everyday objects and instruments, what vibration is and how sounds are produced. Then, we will create a musical instrument with recycled material. Attachments Good practices – Vibrating sound and music (418 kB) Post Views: 5,040

Scribbling story

Children will create the scenography of a story with scribbling machines to investigate concepts of art, science and technology. Attachments Good practices – Scribbling machine (490 kB) Post Views: 5,340

Useless machines

Creativity, collaboration and the use of digital tools will allow the participants of this activity to design and build some incredible useless machines.     Attachments Good practices – Useless machines (417 kB) Post Views: 5,299

Adaptable Learning Graph for Maths

The system MaTHiSiS provide an online platform through which the registered teacher can create her/his lesson plans, individualised for each pupil according to his/her profile. Attachments Good practices – Mathisis Learning Graph (413 kB) Post Views: 5,269